Saturday, January 19, 2019
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UNSYIAH-ADOC e-Learning Center teaches basic ICT to women at Putroe Aceh

Participants at Putro Aceh

UNSYIAH-ADOC trainers took a picture together with the participants of the Basic Computer Training at Putroe Aceh, Banda Aceh on the last day (a week) of training.

To reach its objectives to reduce digital divide, UNSYIAH-ADOC e-Learning Center conducted a basic computer training and office applications to women at Putroe Aceh, a non-profit organization that focuses on empowering women in Aceh. The training was held on January 10 to 14, 2011 from 9.00AM - 12.00 Noon, Monday to Friday. A few participants really new to the technology, some of them even use the mouse for the first time.

Testimony from the trainers:

 I was surprise to know that most of the participants are newbie to computer. However, they were very excited to learn. Very basic word and spreadsheet applications were taught in the training, and most of them liked to learn spreadsheet because it can help them calculating expenses and sales quickly. (Khairul Umam).

 I am happy to be a trainer at UNSYIAH-ADOC e-Learning Center because it gives me new experience. This month, our schedule is very tight. We have to teach children at 9 villages in Kecamatan Lueng Bata for a month and also teach women at Putroe Aceh, Banda Aceh for a week. Teaching women and children are different. Most of the women are newbie to computer, while children, although they are not familiar to the applications, already knew how to operate computer. Overall, I like this new teaching experience. (Fachrul Rozi).

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