Wednesday, December 12, 2018
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Basic Computer Training for Children in Lueng Bata Village


UNSYIAH-ADOC trainers pictured together with the children from Lueng Bata Village who participated in the Basic Computer Training for Children.

The training was held on January 3 to 7, 2011 from 2.00PM - 4.00PM, located in the Lueng Bata Village Community Center. The activity was organized together by the Aceh Institute and UNSYIAH ADOC e-Learning Center. The participants are children of age 12-14 years old. During the training, the children were taught about Linux Ubuntu operating system and office applications. They were excited to know Linux.

Testimony from the children:

I am happy to be part of this computer training because it gives me knowledge to learn Linux and office applications. This training give me insights about Word application and I learn Ubuntu Linux operating system. The instructors are also friendly so we were trained well. Prior to this training, most of us did not know about Linux Ubuntu but now we understand how to use it. (Cut Husna Hayatun).

Learning the computer together with brother Khairul Umam is indeed very exciting. I was sweating very much as it was a little bit hot, but I am very grateful to UNSYIAH-ADOC e-Learning Center and the Aceh Institute for conducting this training.   (Muhammad Riski).

I like this computer training as it teaches us also about Linux Ubuntu. It is fun to learn the software that is rarely used. I know a few new friends and the instructors from UNSYIAH-ADOC e-Learning Center, Bang Khairul dan Fachrul Rozi, are very nice. I hope that this training is also held in other villages and can be a routine event. (Muhammad Fathurrahman).

During the trainingVanparticipant
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