Saturday, January 19, 2019
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Basic Computer Training for Children in Suka Damai Village

Participants from Suka Damai Village and the trainer

The participants from Suka Damai Village and the trainers were seating on the shelter, a small but cool place for training.

The training was held on January 24 to 28, 2011 from 4.30PM - 6.30PM, located at Suka Damai Village. It was the second session of the training in the fourth week of the month. The training was held inside a shelter, owned by the village. At night, the shelter is used for security posts. Because the shelter was constructed without wall, the wind blown through it, making the surrounding feels cool. Similar to the training at the other villages, in this training, the children was taught Linux Ubuntu and office applications. The participants were children consist of 6 girls and 9 boys. The training was running well and it really helped the children improve their basic computer skills.

A few pictures:

Training class on the shelterThe trainers are explainingKhairul is explainig how to make a table
The children listen to the traininer What are you doing?
The trainer is helping the participants
Yes, I can insert image now!What are you doing? Can I see it?
The shelter and ADOC's van