Saturday, January 19, 2019
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Basic Computer Training for Teens in Bineh Blang Village

Participants from Bineh Blang Village, the trainers and field coordinators

The participants from Bineh Blang Village, the trainers, and field coordinators are taking picture together after one week of training.

The training at Bineh Blang Village was held on February 21 to 25, 2011 from 4.00PM - 6.30PM. Bineh Blang Village is one of the villages in the District Ingin Jaya, Aceh Besar. The village is located near the border of Banda Aceh City and Aceh Besar Municipality. The training was organized by UNSYIAH-ADOC e-Learning Center and the Gampong (village) directly through one of the students at Syiah Kuala University who lives in that village. The training was held in one of the buildings in the village. The space was sufficient enough to train 16 teens and 5 villagers. All of them were taught Linux Ubuntu and office applications (word processor and spreadsheet). The participants were really excited and happy to learn new technology.  

A few pictures:

One angle of the training roomThe trainer is explainingThe participants are paying attention
The trainer is helping the participantThe participants are reading the module
All are learning
Helping each otherAroel is explaining
One of the trainers