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Introduction to LaTeX Training

Introduction to LaTeX Training

Introduction to LaTeX for Faculty Members at Syiah Kuala University

LaTeXis a scripting language. It is used to create high quality formatted-text. Many papers and articles such as journal articles, thesis, book manuscripts and slide presentations are requested to be produced using LaTeX .

In April 13 and 14, 2011 from 09.00—13.00 WIB (eight hours), UNSYIAH-ADOC e-Learning Center was conducting an Introduction to LaTeX Training. This is a special training for faculty members and staffs at Syiah Kuala University. The trainers are Dr. Muhammad Subianto, M.Si and Irvanizam Zamanhuri, M.Sc. They have enormous experiences using LaTeX. Around 22 participants from different faculty were participating in the training.

A few training pictures:

Bapak Asep Rusyana, one of the participantsThe participant is trying the LaTeXAll the participants
One of the trainer, Irvanizam, M.Sc, is explaining to the participantAll participants are seriously learning
Everyone is looking to the slides...
Dr. Subianto is explaining the LaTeXIs LaTeX difficult?
LaTeX training